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We will be providing article versions of many of our videos on YouTube so  that we can keep them more up to date than the videos. Once videos are published, they can't be changed but our articles, recommendations, and links can be updated regularly. For now, here's a few highlighted videos but we'll be adding things as we go!

Top Home Gym Secret and Building Tips

An introduction to everything they offer (and more)

We searched every corner of the internet to come up with this list of home gym building advice. After years of building our gym and putting out over 100 full length YouTube reviews we started collection all of our advice into one place, this is it.

Complete Power Rack Buyer's Guide

Covering All The Things To Look Out For

Buying a rack can be an overwhelming decision. There's countless options with an insane amount of companies making them and that's before you get to all the accessories that can be put on them. In this article we break down what to look for when buying a rack. Everything from size, finish, and even some of our top recommendations.

Home Gym Build Under $5,000

5 Equipment Categories and So Many Options

If I had $5,000 and was starting over these are the items I'd look purchasing for my home gym. In this article I break down my budget pick, top picks, and alternatives to the 5 essential pieces of equipment for your home gym. With this much money we have a lot of options so buckle up, we're going to be awhile.

Heating and Cooling your Gym

Looking at All the Options

When I started my gym the space was entirely uninsulated and over the past 18 months I've worked to make it an enjoyable space to workout in. Honestly, it's a bit sad to admit but it's now better setup than my house. This article covers a ton of options for cooling and heating your gym since I've gone a ton of them here and at our family farm.

How to Plan a Home Gym

The 5 StepsYou Should Take

In this article (and video) we cover the steps I think you should consider when planning and building your home gym. Creating your dream home gym doesn't have to be complicated so we hope these steps will help guide you through the planning, budgeting, and layout of your gym. 

Buying All of Rogue's Cable Attachments

An introduction to everything they offer (and more)

As of filming these 6 attachments cost over $1,000 combined when you add in shipping. That's a lot of money for accessories for your cable machine. In this article we take a look at all of Rogue's lat and functional trainer accessories and a ton of alternatives from other companies as well.

Building a Home Gym for Under $1000

10 Items and Options for Each

In this video we cover a ton of information about building a budget home gym. For each item we cover, we'll give options so you can pick what works best for you. From barbells and benches all the way to resistance bands and flooring. You can buy all this stuff, for under $1000 shipped to your house.


Take a look at our other gym building videos in this series (there's a ton more on YouTube)

Worst Home Gym Mistakes

Home gyms aren't cheap, they're actually pretty expensive investments! In this video we cover common home gym mistakes and how to avoid them.

Expanding and Renovating the Gym

We recently expanded and almost doubled the size of the gym. Join us as we stumbled our way through moving and remodeling the place. It's quite the transformation!

Lighting Your Home Gym

In this video I explore gym lighting, options, and how to figure it all out. It's an entertaining look at a not so exciting topic and the results speak for themselves!