Titan Fitness T-2 Power Rack Review

Gluck & Wynie September 2023

Titan T2 Squat Rack Review

The Titan Fitness T-2 Power rack is one of the best budget squat racks there is. In this review we're going to compare it to other budget racks such as the Fitness Reality 810 XLT, Rep PR-1000, and Rep PR-1100. Titan's rack isn't without it's flaws so we'll spend some time  addressing those but there's a lot of reasons to like it as well. Not only does Titan make more attachments for their 2x2 racks than anyone else, with it's 1" hole and 2" hole spacing but it's also compatible with many other manufacturers. Making the Titan T-2 the most versatile choice.

Titan T-2 Series Power Rack

Titan T-2 Power Rack

The Titan T-2 series power rack is a popular budget rack with a large amount of accessories available for it.  It can be built as a 4 or 6 post and available is in two different heights making it a versatile choice for your home gym.

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T-2 Rack Specs

If you compare theTitan T-2 to other budget racks like Rep's PR-1100 or options from Cap and others, you'll see that they're all imported and using 14 gauge steel (though some companies use thinner) and the best rack is the one that does what everyone else is already doing, just a little better. That's where Titan has an advantage because they support their 2x2 rack line better than anyone else. Typically companies provide pretty basic options for their budget racks, a landmine, dip attachment, a few pull-up bar variations, and if you're lucky you might be able to upgrade to j-cups with some UHMW protection for your barbell. Titan Fitness does things a little better by  offering (among other things) a lat tower kit, safety straps, and even a rack extension to change it into a 6 post which is a rare offering with budget racks.

Titan also has a leg up in that they're using 2x2 steel for their uprights and crossmembers which not everyone is doing. For example, HulkFit and the Bells Residential rack use 2.35" or 60 mm square tubing. In layman's terms, Titan's rack is compatible with a lot of other manufacturers, at least to some exent, and since they make more attachments for their economy rack than anyone else, there are more ways to build it compared to other options. That being said, there are things you'll have to understand before you mix and match between companies which we will cover later in the article.

All budget racks tend to be fairly compact rack and the T-2 is no exception. With a total footprint of 57" (depth) by 50" (wide) regardless of whether or not you convert it into a 6 post, it can feel a little tight when using a spotter. The 30" depth you have to work inside the rack is plenty to squat, bench and do other excerises within the rack, but it's something to note. 

T-2 Spec Comparison

Specs & OptionsTitan T-2Rep PR-1100Bells 4.1 Residential
Height71", 83"85"72", 84.5"
Uprights & Crossmembers2x2 14 gauge2x2 14 gauge2.3"x2.3" 14 gauge
Hole Spacing2"3"2"
Holes Size1"1"5/8"
Rack Width (Outside)46"44"42.65"
FinishBlack4 availableBlack

Titan T-2 Options

When ordering a T-2 rack there are a few things you're going to have to decide on. You're limited in finish options since they only offer a powder coat black, but there are two height options, 71" and 83". The 71" may be a good choice for people working with low ceilings like in a basement gym. If you're a taller person you may have issues with the 71" height because Titan doesn't cut holes along the top and bottom 14" of the uprights which could be a factor for movements such as overhead press.

It's quite common for entry level racks like this to have some features left out to keep costs down. For example, The T-2 doesn't have holes drilled along the top and bottom  crossmembers. You also won't get higher end touches that a 3x3 rack would have like 4 way equal hole space. This means you lose some versatility for things like band work and the ability to build out or attach things to the side of your rack but you do save a lot of money. 

Other features you might be missing in this budget range that a high end rack would have are height markings along the uprights. It isn't a big deal and is an easy fix with a paint pen or you can get some magnets or stickers like the ones PlateSnacks sells to mark the heights.

You'll also find that some accessories lack UHMW where they make contact with the rack like the straps or the insides of J-cups but you can add UHMW tape there like I've done with my Rogue Monster Lite cups. Many of Titan's T-2 accessories are actually pretty well done considering how affordable they are. For example the j-cups that come with the rack are much better than most budget rack offerings and they're one of the few companies offering several options for budget line.

T-2 Standard J-Cups

Titan T-2 Series J-HooksCheck Price

T-2 Sandwich J-Cups

T-2 Series Sandwich J-HooksCheck Price

T-2 Roller J-Cups

T-2 Series Roller J-HooksCheck Price


As I mentioned Titan Fitness has an advantage with their budget level rack because of it's versatility. By offering more rack attachments than most others and also utilizing 2x2 steel with 1" holes they're compatibile with more manufacturer's than most anyone else. This means their rack and it's attachments are compatible with companies like Rep Fitness, Synergee, and Fringe Sport to name a few. 

There are some caveats to that compatitbiltiy.  While Titan uses 2" hole spacing many others use 3” so make sure to do some research before purchasing. For example, if you need multiple holes to line up for the attachment to lock onto the rack or if the rack’s width or depth is a factor then that attachment may not work. Titan's attachments are also often better made than many other economy rack lines and quality is an important element of rack selection especially when most of the options are around the same price.

Titan T2 Rack hole spacing

While most of Titan's rack attachments are well made that doesn't mean everything they make for the T-2 is great but the only accessory I'd avoid is their strap safeties. Unfortunately the straps are too long and hang too low on the rack to be useful. During bench you can't mount them high enough on the rack for the safeties to be useful because they're so loose they actually need to be mounted at the height of your j cups which are of course in the way. I've had similar issues with them during squat but was at least able to make them work there. Luckily Titan's pin and pipe safeties and other accessories are much better made.

Although I couldn't fit everything in, the below picture will give you an idea of how many attachments Titan offers for the T-2 series power rack. I've consistenly recommended their j-cups and weight horns as well as other attachments they make and I had actually outfitted my Rogue Infinity R6 rack with a lot of Titan accessories because Rogue didn't support that rack line as well as Titan had theirs. If you're not able to find a particular attachment for your 2x2 rack whether Titan makes it or not, just check the crossmember and hole size and if it matches you should be able to make the attachment fit.

Titan T-2 Rack Attachments

Packaging & Assembly

My T-2 Rack mainly came in two large boxes, one for the rack itself and one for the 6 post extionsion. The various attachments I've bought over the years came in their own separate shipments. The packaging for the rack (uprights, crossmembers, hardware) was OK with everything being individually wrapped however there isn't much cushioning between components so there is a chance you may get some knicks and scratches. At this price point, though, this type of packaging is fairly normal if not better than many others. The rack accessories are shipped separately and are generally much better protected which I've found to be true on Titan's other rack lines as well.

Building this rack is where things get a little interesting. Not in the assembly itself, but in the fact that it didn't include physical instructions. The instructions were fully digital which meant I had to keep referring back to my phone during assembly. It's not the end of the world but I prefer printed directions so I'm not trying to zoom in on my phone to see which bolts go where. Instructions aside this is a very straightforward and simple build. Although a I would recommend making sure you have your own tools and don't rely on the basic tools they come with.

Titan T2 Series Shipping

Final Thoughts

Having put quite a few of these budget racks from different companies side by side I have to say, while the T-2 has its flaws, there's something to be said about gym equipment that just works. The tolerances on some of the accessories and attachments could be tighther but that's fairly common for budget lines of power racks. The Titan T-2 series power racks has a good build quality and you really won't find anything better at this price.  That's not to say it will compete with high end 3x3 racks that have more attachments, features, and almost limitless ways to build them (folding racks, collegiate, half rack, etc) but this is a rack you should feel safe and confident with. If you're interested in learning about other styles of power racks and squat rack options check out our Power Rack Buyer's Guid or watch our video review of the T-2 power rack.

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  • pattiApr 20, 2024

    just a quick fyi – the bells residential 4.1 is 55L x 64W x 84.5H inches (copy/pasted from their website). i wish it were 42.65", because that would fit my space better.

  • RandyApr 20, 2024

    Seems like your recommendation of Titan over the others hinges on more attachments and thicker steel, but it doesn’t seem like the thicker steel is true anymore. In fast the Bells rack should be stronger since the posts are bigger, no? Would you still recommend Titan over Bells?

  • ilyaSep 21, 2023

    I always have my doubts about Titan but I think this rack might be worth the risk

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