The Best Labor Day Fitness Equipment Sales 2024

By Gluck and Wynie

Labor Day Home Gym Equipment Sales

Barbells, power racks, plates and more! We've compiled all of the best Labor Day gym equipment deals right here! We only recommend equipment that has survived our thorough and brutal tests so these are hand selected deals of gym equipment that meets our strict standards.

Many companies offer discounts and sales on gym equipment during Labor Day and this is our ever expanding and constantly updated list. Some of these are affiliate links so if you click on one of them and buy something you'll be supporting our channel.

Labor Day Deals: What To Look For

Rep Fitness Labor Day Sale

Rep has Labor Day deals on closeout items included plates, benches, and racks. Click here to see what's on sale!

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Titan Fitness Labor Day Sale

Titan loves running sales and Labor Day is no different. They've got deals on a ton of equipment including barbells, plates, machines.

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Fringe Sport Labor Day Sale

Everything at Fringe Sport is 10% off for Labor Day and they're running deals on their Black Bumper Plates (20% off) and other items.

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Ironmaster Labor Day Sale

Ironmaster has 20% off accessories like the Ultimate Row Handle and Dumbell to Barbell Adapter.

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Giant Lifting Labor Day Sale

Giant Lifting has sales on barbells, plates, dumbbells, and a lot more and code Gluck saves another 10% off sale prices!

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Bells of Steel Labor Day

Get a $100 giftcard when you spend over $1000.  Their Blitz rower is also $100 off with code GluckRower50 

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Tractor Supply Sale

Is it really a holiday without a sale on horse stall mats? Probably, but they're still on sale anyway.

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Plate Snacks Labor Day Deal

Everything at Plate Snacks is 20% off with code LABORDAY23!

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Giant Lifting Labor Day Sale

Vulcan is running a big Labor Day sale on plates, bars, benches, and a lot of other items.

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Freedom Fitness Equipment Sale

Freedom Fitness Equipment sells new and used gym equipment and is running some crazy deals for Labor Day!

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Giant Lifting Labor Day Sale

Surplus Strength 

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Titan Fitness Labor Day Sale

Titan Fitness loves running sales and Labor Day is no different. They've got sales on a ton of equipment including barbells, plates, machines.

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Tractor Supply Sale

Is it really a holiday without a sale on horse stall mats? Probably, but they're still on sale anyway.

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Amazon Black Friday Deals


Amazon has started with their early Black Friday deals and things are getting added all the time. We've seen some pretty good deals on plates, kettlebells, dumbbells and more. Amazon is a huge marketplace so see what they've got on sale here!

Or see some of the best deals here!

We shifted through all the 3% "sales" for you, so click here for what's REALLY worth your time. 

Iron Master Black Friday Deals


Everything in stock is 20% off Black Friday through Cyber Monday! This is by far one of the best sales we've seen from a company! Use cod IRONFRIDAY20 at checkout Check out the sales here!

Giant Lifting Memorial Day


Giant Lifting is running quite a few deals for Memorial day. Their black and Contrast bumper plates are discounted, their dumbbells are on sale, the Hybrid bar is $50 off, and there's quite a few other deals going on. Oh, and code Gluck saves you an additional 10% off the sale price and EVERYTHING else! See all the sales here!

Strength Co Holiday Sales

Strength Co

Going from the 25th - 29th of November Strength Co is offering a tiered savings program where you save based on how much you spend, for example spend $500 and save $50, this allows you some freedom as you are not limited to items on sale and instead have the whole site to select from.  See their deals here.

Check out the sales break down here. 

Gungnir Holiday Sales


Gungnir has two claims to fame, one is their gorgeous built-in collars and two, their prices that scream "We know what we are worth!". These Black Friday deals make those gorgeous bars a little more obtainable.   See their deals here.

Check out the sales break down here. 

Rogue Fitness Memorial Day Sale

Rogue Fitness

Rogue really only runs BIG sales on Black Friday but they running a deal for $100 off a set of Nuobell 5-80 lb adjustable dumbbells right now! They've also got a deal running on their dumbbell sets, and a few other things in their Deals section so check them all out here.

Tractor Supply Memorial Day Sales

Tractor Supply

It seems like Tractor Supply is finally listening to their biggest fans (the home gym community) because horse stall mats are on sale! so if you are sick of slamming your plates on concrete now might be the time to change that. Find them here!

Flybird Fitness

Flybird Fitness

With code Gluck you get an additional 20% off whatever deal Flybird is currently running! Check out the deals here!

We reviewed every single one of their benches, which are the most popular benches on Amazon. Check out the review here.

Costco Wholesale


We don't have an affiliate with Elite but you'll still want to take a look at these deals! With the Arch Nemesis bar sold out and Rep's Cambered Swiss bar deal gone, the American Cambered Grip Bar is the last budget cambered multi grip left on sale!  See their deals here.

Check out the sales break down here. 

GymPin Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

GymPin has 20% off everything on their site (that's not on sale) but code Gluck still works on things that are already discounted. Browse their entire catalogue here!

Belt Fed Strength Memorial Day Sale

No affiliation here, just two of the best people this world has to offer. Belt Fed Strength makes a lot of leather lifting gear but their custom belts are works of art! This husband and wife team produces the highest quality leather goods out there, we should know, we own everything they make. For Black Friday they're offering their Blackout Belt at a price that doesn't make them any money, that's not a joke, that's their generosity. Find it here!

Exlusive Coupon Codes

Crandall Fitness Labor Day Sale

Save 5% off everything with Code Gluck and check out their Splatter Bumper plates which are 15% off. Shop here!

Freedom Fitness Equipment Sale

Freedom Fitness Equipment sells new and used gym equipment and is running some crazy deals for Labor Day. Check them out for commercial quality machines, plates, barbells and literally anything you need. Shop the sale here!

Check out the sales break down here. 

Surplus Strength Labor Day Sale

Code Gluck saves 5% off everything at Surplus Strength. We own some of their equipment they have incredibly quality and attention to detail so if you want to support another great small American company then check them out here!

Plate Snacks 4th of Labor day deal

Code LABORDAY23 saves 20off anything at Plate Snacks all year round! ALL the deals here. 

Check out the sales break down here. 

Micro Gainz Memorial Labor Day Sale

Code Gluck saves 10% off everything on their site. Their dumbbell add-on plates are my favorite of theirs but they make a lot of cool stuff. Check them out here!

Giant Lifting 4th of July

Code Gluck saves 10% off EVERYTHING on their site all year long. Check them out here!

Hansu Power Fitness Labor Day SaleSale

 Gluck saves 5% off everything at Hansu Power (this is not an affiliate code). We've got reviews coming of their equipment but until then, Check them out here!

Wall Control Fitness Holiday Sales

Use code Gluck to save 10% off your entire order. See all the sales here! 

Gluck's Gym Merchandise

We're too cheap to run sales but we'll still sell you our merch. If you're looking to support the channel and are lying to yourself that you don't need any equipment then check out what we've got here!

Non Affiliate Sales

We think Labor Day sales and deals should be shared regardless of whether we make anything if you buy something so here's a collection of sales from companies we have no affiliation with.

Use code LDS20 to save 20% at Spud Inc. We think Spud Inc makes some innovative and awesome products regardless of our affiliation with them!

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We don't have a Kabuki affiliate (not for lack of trying) and they aren't running a Labor Day sale but they have plenty of blemished equipment for 25% off.

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If you've found any other Labor Day deals please send us an email or DM us @glucksgym on Instagram so we can update the site and help others out. 

GymPin Memorial Day Sale

Use code Gluck to save 10% off anything at GymPin. We like to use their 30" Pro D-hanle to attach the weight stacks of our Ares and Rep FT-3000 but their weight pins (which you can also buy from Micro Gainz) are often used and seen in many of our reviews. Check them out here!

Bridge Built Memorial Day Sale

Micro Gainz isn't technically running  a deal this Memorial day but code Gluck saves 10% off everything on their site and they make a lot of creative products for your home gym but their dumbbell add-on plates are my favorite. If you want to support a small American business, this a great one. Check them out here!

Vulcan Strength Systems


Vulcan has launched their Black Friday deals which includes tiered discounts (the more you spend the more you save), free shipping on power racks and bumper plate sets, and various individual sales. The best part is that the sale stack so if you pick up a few things you'll get a tiered discount AND the item's discount. Check out the deals here!

Check out the sales break down here. 

REP Fitness: What to look for

Bench Week!

Rep Fitness Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown and Low Row

Rep Fitness is running a deal on benches this week with the AB-4100 (Wynie's favorite), AB-5000 Zero Gap, AB-5200, AB-4100 and basically every bench Rep makes on sale. Unfortnately these are limited deals and I expect some will sell out well before the week is up but we own and have reviewed all of these think they're all worth a look. See the deals here!

Get RX'd FIDAB-2 Adjustable Bench

Rep has a lot of other deals running and more being added (which we'll update here) but here's a few more that standout to us.

Rep's rubber hex dumbbell sets are on sale and Rep makes some of the best dumbbells for a home gym. We've got a set and if we upgraded it would probably just be to their urethanes which means it's another thing they've basically got on lock down. See the deal here!

Their colored bumpers are 10% off all pairs (here) and they've also discounted sets as well (find sets here). We have really enjoyed using these bumpers and after a few years of use they look the same they did on day one.

The AB-3000 is 10% off. This is their best selling bench and although it may be on sale just so they can clear inventory to make space for V2 the bench (we have a review coming!) it's still a great deal for a great bench.

Rep Fitness: What to look for

Rep Bench Deals

Rep Fitness Bench Deals

Rep is running sales on a few of their benches but I should warn you, these are closeout deals as they've got new versions coming (which we'll be reviewing). Having seen all of Rep's newest benches I can still say these "older" options are still awesome but if you like the latest and greatest you may be better served waiting.

The Rep AB-5000 Zero Gap is $100 to $150+ off depending on the finish.
Rep's AB-5200 is $50 off.
The FB-5000 Flat Competition bench is $80 off the clear coat version

Rep Power Rack Deals

Rogue Power Rack Deals

Rep has a few deals on their power racks including the Oxylus Yoke which pretty heavily discounted depending on how you build it. It can be used as a squat rack, sled, for carries, and is a versatile choice if you're looking for that style of rack.

The PR-1100 which is Rep's most popular budget rack is $50  off but only in black.

The 41" version of PR-4100 Folding Rack is also deeply discounted in a move I believe is probably because they're having trouble moving them.

Other Rep Fitness Deals

Rep Iron Plates are on sale as they're discontinuing the design. We had a set of these for a long time and much like all standard plates they worked well even if they're not the fanciest plates out there. Unfortunately the 45s have already sold out.

Titan Fitness: Highlighted Deals

Lat Tower w/ 300 lbs Stack

Titan Fitness Lat Tower Selectorized 300 lbs stack

This may be the biggest deal of Titan's Black Friday sale. $570 off their selectorized Lat Pulldown and Low Row. At $1400 shipped it's a very difficult deal to beat. To put it into perspective another popular budget option is from Bells of Steel and their version is $1800 shipped. With a 300 lbs stack it's a versatile machine at a great price. The lat bar could have a more aggressive knurling and the vinyl isn't going to blow you away but you won't find a better deal than this as this is one of Titan's better items. Check out the deal! 

If the selectorized version is too much check out the plate loaded version which is also on sale here

Marrs Bar Safety Squat Bar

Marrs Bar sold by Titan Fitness

This is the BEST deal on the Marrs bar we've seen this Black Friday since Titan includes shipping in their prices. It's $120 off here ($680 shipped) but if you were to buy it from somewhere like Rogue it's over $900 shipped! This bar is made by Solid Bar Fitness so it doesn't matter where you buy it from so you might as well get the best deal. It's an incredible SSB with a unique and comfortable design. Check it out here!

Titan Single Post Competition Flat Bench

Titan Fitness Single Post Competition Flat Bench

I'll start off by saying this isn't my favorite flat bench (that belongs to the FB-5000 and Rogue Monster Utility Bench) but  at over 40% off this is a phenomenal deal! With a tripod design and built in wheels and a handle it's impossible to want more from a bench at $110 shipped. If you're looking for a budget flat bench I promise you you won't find a better deal. See the deal here!

Rackable Cambered Multi-Grip Bar (new version)

Titan Fitness Rackable Cambered Multi Grip Bar

We own every major cambered multi-grip bar out there and did a huge comparison video on them all and we did not like Titan's original version of this bar. Here's the thing, this updated version addresses the biggest issue, it actually fits in racks now! This is a solid option with it's added knurling and 3 sets of handles and with the Arch Nemesis bar being sold out and Rep's Cambered deal long gone, this is your cheapest option and a solid bar. See it here!

Performance Olympic Barbell

Titan Fitness Performance Olympic Barbell

My absolutely favorite budget barbell is Titan's Economy Olympic Barbell but this is actually the upgraded version and since it's on sale ($120 shipped) they're the same exact price. This is a good multi purpose barbell but not something you'll hang onto forever. If you're looking for an absolute steal of a bar, this is it. It's much better than it has any right to be at this price. The 30mm shaft diameter is a bit large but otherwise this is easily your best bet for an extreme budget bar this Black Friday. Find it here!

Titan Silencer Drop Pad Set

Titan Fitness Silencer Pad Drop Set

Silencer pads are a great way to reduce noise and keep your equipment from taking some hard drops and with at $55 off this is a great deal from Titan (we paid more for ours). These pads are 6" thick, 30" long and 24" wide and both red and black versions are on sale. Find the deal here!

Safety Squat Bar v2

Titan Fitness Safety Squat Bar v2 SSB

In our Safety Squat bar comparison video this bar took second place and actually beat out Titan's newest version (as well as the Bells SS3). While we prefer Rep's SSB, this one, when on sale (it's currently 10% off) is a great pick because spending another $60 really isn't getting you that much more. For years this was everyone's budget pick for a safety squat bar and it's still a great bar. Find it here!

Other Titan Fitness Deals to Look Out For

Titan Fitness Black Friday Deals

There's an insane amount of deals running on Titan right now and I'd say this is probably the best set of sales we've seen from a company so far. 

The T-2 Series Power Rack is on sale (the 71" model and all sizes of extensions) and T-3 Power Racks are on sale (depending on configuration) and as some of the best budget racks out there it's hard to argue with any deal for them at all.

Titan also has a lot of rack accessories on sale and the T-2 and T-3 sandwich J cups are HIGHLY discounted but their X3 and Titan Series are also on sale! See them here!

If you're more interested in Roller J-cups (and Titan's are oddly good for the price) then check those out on sale here!

They have a lot of plates on sale like their Elite Black Bumpers (all plates) and their Elite Colored Bumpers (the 45s are out of stock) and their Urethane Bumpers are once again the cheapest on the market during this sale but they have even more plates on sale as well (though often not the full sets) so check out the deals!

But there's SO much more on sale so see all the deals here!

Bells of Steel: What to look for

Bells Hydra Power Rack

Bells of Steel Hydra Power Rack

We recently reviewed Bell's new true 3"x3" rack with 5/8" hardware and picked it as one of our top power racks in our $10,000 Budget Home Gym Build Video. It's essentially (ok it's exactly) a Rogue Monster Lite at a cheaper price.

This is a high quality rack with a lot of attachment options but since it's identical to Rogue's rack you can put Bell's attachments on your Rogue rack or deck out your Bells rack with Rogue's. They'll fit perfectly. This is a really great rack and is one of the reasons we're really paying attention to Bells of Steel now, they've got a lot planned.

 Use code HYDRA for 10%off EVERYTHING else in your order (we'll have a Hydra coupon after November), the current coupon code even stacks with other deals! The best part?! Buy a Hydra and they'll let you pick a free gift (like an Arch Nemesis Bar, $150 gift card, or other options!). See the Hydra here!

Other Bells of Steel Deals

Bells of Steel Black Friday Sales

There's a lot to take in so here's some highlights of things we regularly use and think could be great additions to your home gym.

The Arch Nemesis bar is 15% off making the cheapest cambered multi grip bar we recommend even cheaper!

Their Multi-purpose Utility bar is 20% off and since it's one of the few bars at $200 (shipped) that we recommend, at $40 off it's a steal.

If you're in the market for an inexpensive open trap bar it's hard to argue with $60 off Bell's Open Trap V3.

Their Industrial curl bars are also on sale and while I haven't found Bell's Cerakote finish applications to be great at 40% off these bars are a STEAL!

Their Colored Bumpers are 10% off (pairs and sets) and is another product that made it into our $10,000 Gym Build video taking over the spot that was held for a long time by Fringe Sport which was no small feat.

What about new benches? We've tried all of them and came away impressed but the new Buzzsaw and Hero bench with their lineup of attachments should definitely be looked at especially at 10% off.

There's so much more to check out so but also be on the lookout for limited flash deals (one each day) November 25th-28th because these deals are so crazy we're not even allowed to publish them. See all the deals here!

Get RX'd: What to look for

FIDAB-2 Adjustable Bench

Get RX'd FIDAB-2 Adjustable Bench

Any bench that impresses me is special and my Rep AB-5000 has been collecting dust because I've been using this one instead. If the Rep AB-5200 and AB-5000 had a baby this would be it. A high end bench with a little more versatility because of it's ability to decline (if you also buy the Leg Roller Attachment) and the dumbbell rack is a nice addition as well. I really like this bench and when it's on sale like it is now, it's hard to resist. Check it out!



The XT3 Plus sled has the most magnetic resistance of any push sled on the market. It's nearly silent, can be used on multiple surfaces, and stores vertically. With it's removable handles and the ability to push and pull it in both directions or use it as a wheelbarrow it's a very versatile sled. At 13% off it's the lowest price I've seen in a long time as well!

Watch our review of it here.

Amazon: What to look For

PowerBlock Dumbbells

BalanceForm Everyday Essentials Olympic Bumper Plates

PowerBlock Elite EXP adjustable dumbbells up to 50lbs are on sale! This is the cheapest I've seen them in a long  time. These are the expandable up to 90lbs with the expansion kits and are some of the most popular and durable adjustable dumbbells out there. Find them here!

Giant: What to look for

Bells of Steel Urethane Bumpers

Giant cast iron plates are 1$/lb right now here!

All of their racks are 15% off, and the 2.0-2X series would be a great starting rack and would be hard to beat at this price, check it out here!

Bells of Steel Calibrated Weight Plates

Wall Control: What to look for

Bells of Steel Urethane Bumpers

Use our coupon code: CODEHERE for an extra PERCENT%!

And to make things better their calibrated plates (KG or LBS) are also the cheapest on the market using our code here!

Fringe Sport: What to look for

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Plate Snacks: What to look for

There are a couple different deals to look out for here depending on when you decide to buy, the break down is as follows. 
November 3 - 6 = free shipping US only using code: SENDITSNACKS
November 3 - 13 = 10% off all Plate Snacks Gift cards 
November 14 - 28 = up to 20% off store-wide 

Flybird Fitness: What to look for

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