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Building The Cheapest Complete Home Gym Build Possible 

Here is our list of items necessary to complete the cheapest complete home gym possible. These are all items we own, have owned, or have spent a lot of time with and have tested extensively. While these are budget pieces of equipment these are the pieces that stand out above the rest in this price range. As always, we have to realize we're not necessarily getting all the bells and whistles or build quality of more expensive equipment but with all of these pieces you'd have a heck of a start to a home gym.


When it comes to the cheapest barbell that's actually worth your time and money there's only a few options. You can look at Rogue's Boneyard and hope there's something good there but getting something under $250 is very unlikely, Rep's Sabre Bar is another popular budget bar that but for the price versus our top this isn't 2x the bar (even if it's an upgrade).

Budget Pick for a Multi-Purpose Bar

Titan Economy Olympic Bar

For the price there is not another extreme budget bar that can compete. I've reviewed other bars at this price and the different is night and day. This is THE only bar priced near $100 worth your time

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Budget Pick for Powerlifting Bar

Bells of Steel Barenaked Powerlifting bar 2.0

We reviewed this long ago and proclaimed it as the best powerlifting bar $200 or below. That statement rings true even more now as prices soar. I can't imagine they can keep up this price for much longer.

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Weight Plates

Unfortunately at this budget level weight plates are going to be our most expensive item. They're also the hardest to shop for because companies are operating at thin margins so they're constantly tweaking their prices. These selections are what we've found to consistently be the cheapest for a long time though I do recommend you shop around and I'll give a few options to help out.

Cheapest Bumper Plates

Everyday Essentials Color Bumpers

These are offered in color or black and white versions and have been the cheapest option for a few years. The quality won't blow you away but dollar for dollar they're unmatched. You can actually sneak a peak at them in your local Walmart but the prices are somehow MUCH higher.

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Everyday Essentials Black Bumpers

These are identical to the colored variations but since prices can vary so much I've listed both. If you don't have a preference in aesthetic then pick whichever is cheaper at the time.

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Cheapest Iron Plates

Cap Iron Plates

Cap has produced the cheapest iron plates you could find for years and the same holds true today. On the rare occurrence you find cheaper plates I wouldn't tempt my luck (unless they're used and you recognize the name). 

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Power Rack

For a budget power rack we are looking for something that meets our base criteria which is that it will keep us safe and will allow us to use the most attachments possible. This means it's going to be a rack with 2"x2" steel tubing with 1" holes. Why these numbers? It'll allow us to use Titan Fitness attachments on it and they make THE most attachments for this size rack. One note though, Titan's rack uses 2" hole spacing so if you pick a rack with 3" hole spacing or another configuration just realize that if you're picking up a Titan attachments that uses 2 holes at once like their Roller J-Cups that the second hole won't line up.

If you're at the $300 or below range there aren't a ton of options but we've highlighted both below. If you can make it to $400 you can upgrade a bit by looking at Rep and Titan which are also shown below.

Top Choice for a Budget Power Rack

Fitness Reality 810 XLT

A 2"x2" rack with 14 gauge steel and 3" hole spacing takes our spot as the cheapest rack worth looking at. Prices fluctuate on Amazon as the company adjusts for supply & demand and other factors but most times this is your cheapest bet. It also has a good amount of options for addons.

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Alternative Budget Power Rack Option

Synergee Power Rack

This rack is also 2"x2" but has 16 gauge steel which I typically don't recommend because it's not as stable. The only reason I list it here is it has 2" hole spacing and safety straps and if you're not pushing a ton of weight it can be a good rack for you.

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Budget Upgrade For A Little More

Rep PR-1100

Rep probably makes the prettiest option for budget racks. It's 2"x2" (they all are) and comes in 4 color options. You can convert it into a 6 post rack with weight storage, put a lar pulldown on it, or check out Rep's other attachments offerings.

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Best Budget Power Rack

Titan T-2 Power Rack

This is really the best 2"x2" rack out there. With 1"holes, 2" hole spacing, 12 gauge steel and the fact Titan makes the most attachments for this size rack out of anyone. It's really the best and sturdiest option and though it's a little more than the others, if you can swing it, it's a a great upgrade.

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