Gym Equipment Labor Day Sales 2022

A growing collection of the best fitness Labor Day sales! By clicking one of these affiliate links and buying from them we get a small percentage of the proceeds which goes right back into the channel. 

Rep Fitness

Rep has deals on up for 35% off on things like their adjustable benches, barbells, and even their functional trainers. Check out all the deals here!

Titan Fitness

Titan is notorious for running flash deals and sales on their items but Labor Day brings a lot more of them and all at once! They've got up to 60% off and have a TON on sale right now! Check out their deals here!

Wall Control

Wall Control is giving 15% off for Labor Day, all you have to do is click the link and use code LABORDAY15

Belt Fed Strength

Belt Fed is in my opinion the most underrated small American fitness business out there and I say that having absolutely no affiliation with them. You can't find higher quality or better people and they're honestly too generous which is why they don't make any money, but code SAVORSUMMER saves you a few bucks. Check here!


AbMat has 10% sitewide for Labor Day but the best part, all profits during the weekend goes to their employees! Use code LABORDAY2022 to save here!

Plate Snacks

Plate snacks is having a 20% off sale for Labor Day! Use code LABORDAY20 to save on ANYTHING! Check them out!

XII:XI Fitness

XII XI has 15% off everything for Labor Day! They're a very underrated small American shop and we own a ton of their stuff! Use code INVENTORY15 here.

Micro Gainz

Micro Gainz is having a Labor Day Bent & Dent sale where you can purchase products that have imperfections, scuffs, or dings at up to 30% off. Just click shop and scroll down! It's limited quantities but there's a lot available! See here!

PowerBlock Pro 5-50lbs on Amazon

Amazon can be finicky because sellers and prices rapidly change but as of now at $400 the PowerBlock Pro 5-50 lbs are $135 LESS shipped then on PowerBlock's site. One important note, this is the Pro model, not the Pro EXP which means they ARE NOT expandable.

Power Block Elite EXP 5-50lbs

Another deal on PowerBlocks! This is the 5-50lbs EXP version which means they're expandable up to 90lbs (this is not the US version) for $359 shipped which is about 15% off. Check out the deal!

Tractor Supply Horse Stall Mats

No affiliation here but $10 off per mat (almost 20%) makes this the lowest price I've seen on 3/4"x4'x6' in a long time! Here they are!

Rep Fitness: What to look for

Benches: We've reviewed a ton of their equipment and they are the leader in the home gym space in benches for a reason so you really can't go wrong here. Although the discounts aren't incredible ($10-30 off)  and only on certain finishes anything is better than nothing.

Barbells: Rep has been discounting their barbells during these big sales lately and this is no different. While you can't really go wrong with the Stainless Steel Power Bar or Deep Knurl Stainless Bar (at $100 off) the Sabre Bar and Gladiator MX bar are deeply discounted and are great deals at these prices.

Plates: Rep has some good deals on their various plates which also seem to be in stock (a rare occurrence)  and we've used a lot of these and like them for the price. One of my home gym regrets is selling my Color Bumpers which are on sale but to be honest all of Rep's plates are pretty good for the money.

Rack Accessories: Their Flat and Round Sandwich J-Cups are already a pretty good deal but with at over 30% off they're hard to pass up.

But that's not all they have on sale so check out all their offerings!

Titan Fitness: What to look for

Safety Squat Bar: The V2 SSB is in my opinion the second best budget SSB out there and we've seen bigger deals but at $20 off it's a $50 savings over Rep's (my top pick for a more economic SSB).

Best Budget Power Rack: The T-2 Power Rack (83" height only) is $20 off, it's only 5% and I've seen better deals but it's still the best budget rack out there. Ironically the extension kit to convert it to a 6 post rack is on sale but only the 71" version, thanks Titan.

Multi Grip Bar: Titan's Cambered Multi-Grip bar is one of the cheapest options out there for a decent bar like this (the other being the Arch Nemesis from Bells) and it's $90 less than Rep's in this sale. I still like Rep's better but as a budget bar with today's rising price at $200 this is a good bar. Just keep in mind it is a very tight fit if you've got a 41" interior width rack. 

Landmine and Attachments: I've recommended a lot of Titan's landmine attachments (and their landmine itself) because they're typically inexpensive additions to your home gym that can add some versatility to your workouts and Titan's got a bunch of them on sale.

Titan has a ton of other items on sale and like their Plate Loaded Lat Tower and Plate Loaded Functional Trainer (both about 10% off) so check out all the deals here!

Wall Control: What to look for

We have a ton of Wall Control and just ordered more for our new buildout and absolutely love it for gym storage. It's incredibly versatile and after our initial review of it we've managed to double how much of it we have. Use code LABORDAY15 to save 15% off your entire order and check out our review (below) if you want to know more.